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Sección con recursos destinada a orientar sobre la elaboración de investigación y proyectos digitales.  En la misma se encuentran enlaces a lugares o documentos sobre: Guías para mejores prácticas, Herramientas, Métodos de Investigación, Oportunidades de Financiamiento,  Tutoriales, Videos, Webinars y Webcasts.

Center-DH-Best-PracCenter for Digital Research in the Humanities, at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Best practices for digital humanities. Recuperado de http://cdrh.unl.edu/articles/best_practices

Morgan, P.  How to get a digital humanities project off the ground.  Recuperado de http://www.paigemorgan.net/how-to-get-a-digital-humanities-project-off-the-ground/

Red de Humanidades Digitales. (2013).  Guía de buenas prácticas para la elaboración y evaluación de proyectos digitales  en las Humanidades.  Recuperado de http://humanidadesdigitales.net/evaluacion/auto/gbp.pdf

Bibliotecas Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile.  Herramientas en humanidades digitales.  Recuperado de http://guiastematicas.bibliotecas.uc.cl/humanidadesdigitales/herramientas

CDHI [Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative] tools at the University of North Carolina http://digitalhumanities.unc.edu/resources/tools/

DIRT: Digital Research Tools at University of California, Berkeley
The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software. http://dirtdirectory.org/

Digital humanities:  Tools and tutorials at University of Illinois, Chicago
This guide is intended as a starting place for studies in the digital humanities, open access, and scholarly communication.

Digital humanities tool

Digital humanities tools at the University of Illinois Library, Urbana

Digital humanities tools at UCLA Library

DH Toychest: Digital humanities tools (curated by Alan liu).  Recuperado de http://dhresourcesforprojectbuilding.pbworks.com/w/page/69244319/Digital%20Humanities%20Tools

“Herramientas de autor” en Humanidades con TIC.  Recuperado de https://sites.google.com/site/humanidadescontic/creacion-de-contenidos

Yezer’ka, L. (2010).  Herramientas digitales para comunicadores, version 1.0.  Piura, Perú: Universidad de Piura, Facultad de Comunicación.  Recuperado de https://colegiodehistoria.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/manual_herramientas_digitales.pdf

Conoce Check!, la herramienta para evaluar proyectos de humanidades digitales. Recuperado de http://www.revista.unam.mx/vol.16/num4/art31/

Romero Frías, E. y Sánchez González, M. (eds.) (2014). Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales: Técnicas, herramientas y experiencias de e-Research e investigación en colaboración. CAC, Cuadernos Artesanos de Comunicación, 61. Recuperado de

University of Illinois Library, Urbana.  Research methods in digital uumanities. Recuperado de http://www.library.illinois.edu/sc/services/Digital_Humanities/Research_Methods.html

Digital Humanities Now.  Funding and opportunities.  Recuperado de http://digitalhumanitiesnow.org/category/news/funding/

Funding opportunities in the digital humanities, at the Center for the Humanities and Public Sphere, University of Florida.  Recuperado de http://www.humanities.ufl.edu/digitalhum-funding.html

National Endowment for the Humanities. Office of Digital Humanities.  Digital projects for the public.  Recuperado de http://www.neh.gov/grants/public/digital-projects-the-public

Universidad de Puerto Rico, Decanato de Estudios Graduados e Investigación. Fondo Institucional para la Investigación (FIPI).  Recuperado de http://graduados.uprrp.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=91&Itemid=182&lang=es

DH tools for beginners-Medium:  A collection of tutorials written for digital humanities novices.  Recuperado de https://medium.com/dh-tools-for-beginners

Digital humanities resource tutorials, at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. UWGB Commons for the Digital, Public, & Applied Humanities
Recuperado de http://www.uwgbcommons.org/digital-humanities-resource-tutorials

Digital tools and tutorias for beginners at the University of Notre Dame, Office of Digital Learning: Design, Develop, Deliver.  Recuperado de http://blogs.nd.edu/odl/2014/04/03/digital-humanities-tools-and-tutorials-for-beginners/

Drucker, J., Kim, D., Salehian, I. Bushon, A. (2014).  Introduction to digital humanities:  Course book;  Methosds, and tutorials for students and instructors.  Based on the Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH101) course at UCLA, taught by Johanna Drucker (with David Kim) in 2011 and 2012, this online coursebook (and related collection of resources) is meant to provide introductory materials to digital approaches relevant to a wide range of disciplines. The lessons and tutorials assume no prior knowledge or experience and are meant to introduce fundamental skills and critical issues in digital humanities
Recuperado de http://dh101.humanities.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/IntroductionToDigitalHumanities_Textbook.pdf


Tutorials at Wired!: Digital art, art history and visual culture at Duke University.  Recuperado de http://www.dukewired.org/workshops/tutorials/

Tutorials for DH in DH toychest, curated by Alan Liu. Recuperado de http://dhresourcesforprojectbuilding.pbworks.com/w/page/69244314/Tutorials%20for%20DH%20Tools%20and%20Methods

Bordalejo, B.  Humanidades digitales.  Recuperado de http://www.slideshare.net/barbarabordalejo/humanidades-digitales-da-1

Humanities + Digital tools event at Stanford Humanities Center.
On May 5, 2015, the Stanford Humanities Center hosted a panel discussion in which Stanford scholars and technical experts discussed how digital tools enable them to push the boundaries of humanities research, from teaching platforms to textual analysis. Likewise, they discussed how the unique qualities of humanities scholarship are pushing the boundaries of digital tools. The event was streamed in a live webcast, which you can view below.  Recuperado de http://shc.stanford.edu/multimedia/webcast-humanities-digital-tools-event-stanford-humanities-center

Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPzY-ibt3Nmd0ceU9iF0yQ ;https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPzY-ibt3Nmd0ceU9iF0yQ/videos
Senchvne, J.  An introduction to the digital humanities for librarians. [Webinar].  Recuperado de http://ics.webcast.uwex.edu/Mediasite6/Play/3bdbc88895e54cd59265684550cd387c1d#!

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